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ASU Vendors' Preferences

Preferred Tendering Methods Questionnaire

This survey aims at finding out the tendering methods preferred by vendors. The information collected is used for research purposes and to improve the policies and procedures at the Procurement Department at A’Sharqiyah University (ASU). Your opinions will not affect your business dealings with ASU or working relationship with ASU in any way. Additionally, your answers will be confidential and will not be shared with other parties.

The ultimate purpose of this survey is to improve ASU internal procedures and to improve the existing relationship level with vendors by identifying their preferred tendering methods.

Company Name  

1. Industry  

(for example: service provider, IT, stationary ect)

2. Company commercial Membership Grade?  

3. Are you familiar with ASU's tendering processes?  

4. Do you prefer Direct Order?  

5. Do you prefer Selected Tender?  

6. Do you prefer Public Tender?  

7. Which one would you rather have?  

8. How would you rate your relationship with A'Sharqiyah University  

9. If A'Sharqiyah University improves its tendering processes to your preference; How would this reflect on your relationship with ASU  

10. Which tendering method would minimise cost for ASU?