Job Information

Job Code: ASU7112019145416
Department: Administration
Opening Date: 07 November 2019
Reporting to: VC

Director for Community Services & Continuous Learning Center

Job Content
Role Objective
Develop, facilitate, and maintain, the center’s programs to the government and the industries in the area and beyond.  
Duties and Responsibilities
1.Program Research 
a. Conduct market research and needs assessment. 
b. Develop and maintain professional contacts. 
c. Liaise with professional associations/advisory committees. 
d. Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with the Credit Program Chairs and faculty. 
e. Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with business, industry and community organizations in A’Sharqiyah region, provincially, nationally and internationally in order to identify and assess their training needs. 
f. Identify and develop alternate delivery opportunities. 
g. Cooperate with other center’s Program Coordinators/credit areas and the International office to maximize program opportunities and eliminate duplication and overlap. 
2.Program Development/Implementation/Evaluation: 
a. Develop/ create courses and programs (certificate/contract training/open enrollment) to meet the needs of business, industry and the community. 
b. Design/initiate curriculum as required. 
c. Identifies supplies/books/software/equipment/facilities required. 
d. Customize programs and courses for contract training needs. 
e. Prepare and send training proposals to clients and negotiate terms and cost of training. 
f. Develop contracts and terms of agreement for contract training/events. 
g. Prepare and submit grant applications and reports as required. 
h. i. Review course/program/instructor evaluations and utilize the data to plan, modify or cancel programs. 
3. Personnel 
a. Responsible for the recruitment, hiring, orientation and performance management of center’s Instructional staff. 
b. Supervise center’s Instructional staff. 
c. Negotiate instructor contracts and pay rates. 
d. Establish pay rates and criteria within program area. 
e. Collaborate with other centers to ensure consistency. 
f. Approve course curricula. 
4. Budgetary Responsibilities: 
a. Develop program area budget to meet targets/operating margins. 
b. Establish individual course budgets. 
c. Work with Finance Director to resolve budget issues and discrepancies. 
d. Analyze monthly financial information as provided by the Finance Director and adjust planning as appropriate. 
e. utilize financial information to plan, modify or cancel courses or programs. 
f. Ensure invoicing for contract training. 
5. Customer Service 
a. Represent the center on internal and external committees/organizations. 
b. Promote the center’s activities internally and externally. 
c. Sell the center’s products to the community. 
d. Resolve those customer complaints/inquiries which cannot be dealt with by front line staff. 

Education, Qualification and Skills
Degree in relevant field i.e. education, business or equivalent. 
Demonstrated experience in an entrepreneurial environment
Knowledge & Skills
• Strong interpersonal, relationship building and conflict resolution skills. 
• Creative problem solving skills. 
• Excellent oral, written, analytical and technical skills. 
• Strong organizational and planning skills. 
• Ability to determine priorities, be self-directed and work with minimal supervision. 
• Proficient in a variety of computer applications. 
• Strong budgetary skills and accounting experience. 
• Strong leadership and team-oriented skills.