Job Information

Job Code: ASU2710201916746
Department: ELearning
Opening Date: 27 October 2019
Reporting to: eLearning Director

Instructional Technologist

Job Content
To help integrate technologies into curriculum design to improve the education experience provided by A ‘Sharqiyah university to its students. 
Duties and Responsibilities
1- Facilitate the use of technology to improve the effectiveness of the educational programs for the university colleges
2- Promote technologies as learning tools and design educational materials using the latest technologies to improve overall rigidness of the university academic programs.
3- Converting current educational materials into an engaging blended learning format
4- Developing supplemental materials that help instructors developing their subject’s resources
5- Efficiently engaging in planning and problem solving to issues related to blended learning and distance learning development
6- Evaluation of an instructor’s engagement and self-development in regard to their eLearning capacity development.
7- Coordinate the conversion of instructional goals and objectives set by course coordinator into blended learning format.
8- Provide training to instructors to improve their eLearning competencies.
9- Gather reports about the instructors and students eLearning performance
10- Provides assistance in the selection, ordering, receiving, and installing new equipment and software
11- Developing web applications and other required interfaces to serve the university objectives and services stability and efficiency.
12- Supports the use of computers in labs
13- Perform other assigned tasks

Education, Qualification and Skills
Bachelor's degree in Computer science, Information technology or Educational technologies
Minimum of 5 years experience in the related field.
Job Competencies
1. Excellent command of PHP,, HTML5, JASON, Java, Oracle, MySQL, Linux, Adobe Captivate and Adobe presenter II.
2. Professional mobile application development skills
3. Excellent API and web development  skills
4. Excellent moodle technical background
5. Commitment to quality and excellent interpersonal skills.
6. Ability to work under own initiative.
Creativity and Presentation skills.