Job Information

Job Code: ASU317201982638
Department: Administration
Opening Date: 31 July 2019
Reporting to: Director of Security

Health and Safety Officer

Job Description


Responsible for handling the health and safety environment of University campus, dormitories, staff accommodation etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To develop, implement and monitor University’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Programs, and Procedures.
  2. To assist the University in complying with current health and safety legislation and/or regulations with the objective of ensuring that all reasonable and proper measures are taken to protect the safety and health of learners, staff and visitors.
  3. To establish budget proposals for the operation of the Occupational Health and Safety office and specific training programs.
  4. Responsible for the day to day operations of Housekeeping, Clinic, Café and Minimarket.
  5. To increase health and safety awareness at all levels within the organization.
  6. Investigate and report on all serious/critical personal injury accidents occurring to students, staff and/or visitors to the appropriate senior official, and to assist in the investigation of all accidents/incidents that result in substantial damage to University’s vehicles and property.
  7. To investigate and report on complaints of hazardous working conditions to the Associate Director and/or other appropriate senior staff.
  8. To respond to employees’ safety concerns.
  9. To conduct, as necessary, the safety inspection of any University facility.
  10. To assist the University’s Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees.
  11. To respond to fires and other emergencies on or about the University property.
  12. To coordinate registration and removal of hazardous waste.
  13.  To arrange for Occupational Health and Safety testing and/or evaluations of the workplace by external agencies/consultants as may be necessary.
  14. To act as liaison with all related governmental bodies and regulating agencies.
  15. To coordinate the training of personnel in areas of safety, including first aid, CPR, accident prevention and investigation, work place inspections and other matters related to implementing safety procedures in University facilities.
  16. To coordinate the University’s emergency procedures and act as the University’s emergency on-site coordinator.
  17. To assist executive staff, senior administrators, principals and supervisors in emergency preparedness.
  18. To develop, review, and update appropriate sections of the University’s Emergency Procedures Manual.
  19. To liaise with municipal and State Emergency planners, update plans, organize exercises and evaluate procedures.
  20. To liaise with the fire department regarding emergency procedures, communications and fire safety education programs.
  21. To coordinate the selection and distribution of emergency communications equipment to colleges and administrative/support departments.
  22. To complete any other duties and responsibilities when requested by the management, which are commensurate with this role.  
  23. Any other tasks assigned by line manager.





Bachelor degree in Health Safety Management from an accredited University.


Minimum 4 years’ of relevant experience in Health & Safety field.

Job Competencies

  1. Ability to work independently and under pressure.
  2. Possess good interpersonal skills.
  3. Excellent communication and computer skills.
  4. Fluent in English and Arabic.