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Job Information

Job Code: ASU1062019124539
Department: Administration
Opening Date: 10 June 2019
Reporting to: Finance Director

Senior Accountant

  1. Function

The Senior Accountant position is accountable for the accounting operations of the University, to include the production of periodic financial reports, maintenance of an adequate system of accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of the Universities reported financial results, and ensure that reported results comply with generally accepted accounting principles or international financial reporting standards.

The Senior Accountant contributes to the overall success of the University by effectively managing all financial tasks, overseeing budgeting and accounting.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Ensure that accounts payable are paid in a timely manner
  2. Ensure that all reasonable discounts are taken on accounts payable
  3. Process payroll in a timely manner
  4. Ensure that periodic bank reconciliations are completed
  5. Ensure that required debt payments are made on a timely basis
  6. Maintain the chart of accounts
  7. Maintain an orderly accounting filing system
  8. Maintain a system of controls over accounting transactions


  1. Issue timely and complete financial statements
  2. Coordinate the preparation of the University annual report
  3. Recommend benchmarks against which to measure the performance of University operations
  4. Calculate and issue financial and operating metrics
  5. Manage the production of the annual budget and forecasts
  6. Calculate variances from the budget and report significant issues to management
  7. Provide for a system of management cost reports
  8. Provide financial analyses as needed, in particular for capital investments, pricing decisions, and contract negotiations


  1. Coordinate the provision of information to external auditors for the annual audit
  2. Monitor debt levels and compliance with debt covenants
  3. Comply with government reporting requirements and tax filings


Education, Qualification and Skills


Master (or) Bachelor degree from an accredited university in Accounting or equivalent field


More than  4 years’ of experience in the closely related field

Knowledge & Skills

  1. Skills to deal with others and strong analytical skills
  2. Knowledge in local laws governing Oman will be an added advantage.
  3. Excellent communication and computer skills.
  4. Fluent in English and Arabic (Preferred).