ASU Food Awareness Campaign

This food awareness campaign is planned to bring the attention of the college students, academicians, government officials and general public towards the food additives in the processed food. We would like to discuss with the visitors about their views, their attitude towards processed foods. We would inform them about the E-codes used for various additives which are termed as questionable (Mashbooh) and the health effect which these additives may have upon continued consumption.

At this campaign we also present the newly developed food products by ASU students, this includes Calcium and vitamin-D rich cookies for children and adults, Cakes with are enriched with fiber (from natural sources), Algal drink as healthy beverages, etc.

In this campaign we aimed to promote

i) Food safety which will help to continue to reduce food borne illness and reduce further risk to consumer health from harmful additive

ii) Eating for Health: To make it easier for all consumers to choose a healthy diet and to reduce diet-related diseases (Obesity, Diabetes, heart diseases, etc.)

iii) Choice: To provide the consumer with health choices and present our new products.









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