Yahya A. Ismail, PhD
Chairperson, University Research Committee
Associate Professor of Chemistry & Head
Dept. of Basic Sciences
Major Publications
  1. Fabrion/Polyaniline microfibrous mat. Preparation and electrochemical characterization as reactive sensor, Yahya A. Ismail, Jose Martinez and Toribio.F.Otero, Electrochimica Acta,  123, 2014, 501–510 , ( IF = 4.504)
  2. Biomimetic Polyurethane Microfibrous Mat Templated Polypyrrole: Reactive Biomimetic Sensing  Capabilities,  Yahya A. Ismail, Jose Martinez and Toribio.F.Otero, J.ElectroAnal.Chem., 719, 2014 , 47 – 53   ( IF = 2.871)
  3. One Actuator with several sensors in one device with only two connecting wires: Mimicking muscle- brain feed back:, Toribio.F.Otero ,Jose Martinez , Laura Valero, and Kinji Asaka and Yahya A. Ismail , Advances in Science and Technology series, Trans  Tech Publishing, Vol 79, 16 -25, 2013.
  4. Biomimetic polypyrrole based all three in one triple layer actuators exchanging cations,   Fransisco G. Cordova, Yahya A.Ismail, Toribio F. Otero J. Materials Chemistry, 21, 17265- 17272, 2011. ( IF = 6.63)
  5. Sensing characteristics of a  conducting polymer/hydrogel hybrid microfiber artificial        muscle,  Yahya A. Ismail, Jose G. Martínez, Ahmad S. Al Harrasi, Seon J. Kim, Toribio  F.Otero,     Sensors and Actuators B Chemical,  160, 1180-1190, 2011 (IF =4.09)
  6. A Linear actuation of polymeric nanofibrous bundle for artificial muscles, Bong Kang Gu,  Yahya A. Ismail, Seon J.Kim, Chemistry of Materials, 21 (3), pp 511–515, 2009. ( IF =8.53)
Major Conference Presentations
  1. ‘A novel electroactive hydrogel microfiber with improved actuation’, Yahya A.Ismail, Su Ryon Shin, Seon Jeong Kim, MRS fall meeting2007, Boston, Massachusetts, USA , Nov. 26-30, 2007.
  2. Flexible Super capacitor from Hydrogel/ conducting Polymer Microfiber, Yahya A. Ismail and Seon Jeong Kim,  Oral Presentation at the Materials Research Society (MRS), Spring meeting, San Francisco, USA, April 5-9, 2010.
  3. Polypyrrol/Chitosan Hydrogel Hybrid Micro Fiber As Sensing Artificial Muscle, Yahya A. Ismail, Jose G. Martínez, Ahmad S.Al Harrasi, Seon.J.Kim, Toribio.F.  Otero, SPIE Smart Structure + NDE meeting, San Diego, USA, March 6-10, 2011.
  4. Conducting Polymers are Simultaneous Sensing Actuators, Fransisco G. Córdova1, Yahya A. Ismail,  Jose G.Martinez,  Ahmad S. Al Harrasi, Toribio.F. Otero, SPIE Smart Structure + NDE meeting and 17th EAPAD conference, San Diego, USA,  March 10-14, 2013.
  5. ‘Conducting polymers as biomimetic reactive materials for simultaneous sensing actuator application: Mimicking muscle – brain communication’ Jose Gabriel Martinez, Yahya A. Ismail, Toribio Fernandez Otero, 247th American Chemical Society (ACS) National meeting & Exposition, Dallas (TX), USA, March 16 -20, 2014
  6. Conducting polymers as biomimetic reactive sensors of the working conditions:    Evidence from Polyaniline; Yahya A. Ismail, Jose Gabriel Martinez, Toribio  Fernandez Otero,   2015 “International Conference on Advances in Functional Materials (AFM 2015),” Stony Brook University, NY, USA, June 29 – July 3, 2015.
Professional Membership
American Chemical Society (ACS), USA
Society of Photo -Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), USA
Material Research Society (MRS), USA