College of Applied and Health Sciences – Dean’s Message

As Dean of the College of Applied and Health Sciences of A’Sharqiyah University (ASU), I am delighted to welcome all of you, whether you are already a part of the ASU community, are considering joining us or are a member of the public interested in discovering what we are all about. This website has been created for you with the express purpose of serving as a reliable source for undergraduate information and education at CAS.

CAS has been established few years ago, it is a new growing up faculty with three Departments and two ongoing programs. We have the Basic Science Department, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, and the Department of Food Sciences and Human Nutrition. In the near future we will have three new programs which are about to authorized from MOHE. One of these programs is the Industrial Chemistry program which is highly required in Oman and Gulf regions.  Our main vision is to provide a wide range of programs that will link teaching and research and will develop a generation of Omani graduates committed to entrepreneurship, innovation and scholarship, for the benefit of the economic and social benefits of society.

Basic Science department faculties are teaching all service courses for all students in CAS and Engineering as well as Business colleges. Moreover, Food Sciences Department is the second program established in Oman, though we at CAS have the privilege of providing community and region with expertise in food and nutrition. Similarly, Fishery and Marine Science program is one of the unique programs that we are proud to have. We hope to have very good outstanding graduates who can and will serve their country in this field since Oman is a very well known in its fishery fortune.

CAS has a very wonderful high qualified team work with all academic ranks. All of CAS faculty members utilize the latest innovations in teaching and learning to inspire students to seek the highest level of achievement and experiment with new approaches and ideas. Also, the majority of them are very active in research and our policy is to enhance and encourage their research productivity by all kinds of support.

Finally, I would like to invite you to browse our website and find out more about the challenges and opportunities that await you in the CAS. We hope to meet you soon.


Sincerely Yours
Prof. Nehad M. Tashtoush
Dean of CAS